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Tila Tequila



                   Midnight :
                   Nobody see's the girl behind the smile.
                   Underneath the glow there ia darkness.
                   She breaks when the clock strikes midnight.
                   Frantic and alone she falls down.
                   Rips apart the face that stole her life.
                   Take it all the way, take it all the way.
                   Drink the blood that once mourned the day.
                   take it all the way, take it all the way.
                   Twitching eyeball, shooting star.
                   Listin to me now my heart is your.

The Death of me:
Heroin left in the palm of my sweating hands seep through my skin, overdosing what’s left of me.
To breath tonight I will take my last breath, close my eyes, and fall backwards from the 16th floor of my building.
The colors swarming by in slow motion as I drift slowly to the magnetic ground below.
This feeling is beyond orgasmic as I see flashes of the ocean abyss swirling around my falling body.
Lightning rods of green and purple haze thunder by as my mind tries to take grasp of this overwhelming sensation.
Falling, falling, falling.............I touch the sky.


Black Lust Whither Ball:
Hey you, come around here again.
Let me show you what it looks like inside.
Take a closer look no need to fret.
I am in no harm to your remorsful soul.
Demon in the night you come to me.
Whisper in my ear how things will be.
Touch my body soul and life.
Mourn my death for tomorrows flight.
Let's replay the darkened skies,
For tonight i rise to breath your air.
Entangled in lust for blinded wounds.
Heal my world to ease the gloom.
Go fuck, go play, go make away.
Go dark, go deep, no more, no sleep.


she looks just like a Angel